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About us:
Arhur og Anique - we will be a new couple together - dancing in WDSF for Denmark. We will be dancing ten dance.  We are looking forward to get started

Hello my name is Arthur Tagirov. Im 15 years old. I started dancing when I was 4 years old. I am from Ufra, Russia and I will be living with Anique and her family in Copenhagen. I also really like to play volleyball. See you:)))))).

Hello my name is Anique, I am 11 soon 12 years old. I have been dancing since I was two years old. I have been dancing with my twin sister and we got a lot of good experiences both with results and training. I am looking forward to start the partnership with Artur Tagirov, and hope that we will also get some very good experiences together ;-)

On this side we will mostly post pictures and videos from our trainings, competitions and other fun things we do together.

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